ASUS ROG Scar Edition GL703GS BIOS reset and emergency reflash

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Gaming Laptop ASUS GL703GS (BIOS 310)

CPU i7-8750H (iGPU unavailable)

GTX 1070 8GB (non-Max-Q, 10DE 1BE1 - 1043 1011, GP104 A1, vbios 86.04.7c.00.24, Samsung VRAM)

Windows 10 Pro 1909

Desktop res: 1080p (1920x1080)

Screen: 144Hz + g-sync AUO B173HAN03.2 [AUO329D]

Audio: Realtek HD Audio (ALC295 chipset)

Hard disks: NVMe Samsung, SSD Crucial

USB Blu-Ray 4K drive: Archgon Star MD-8102P-U3YC-UHDB (Pioneer BDR-UD04)


1) Is there a procedure to reset (only) BIOS 310 on ASUS ROG Scar Edition GL703GS? Something like keeping pressed Power button for 30 secs when computer is off... maybe? I already know you can load Default Settings from within BIOS, but I'm asking something else...

2) I've read on the internet there's a non-documented procedure to force BIOS recovery from USB pendrive in case BIOS reflash fails: keep pressed CTRL+HOME+ Power button for about 20+ secs. This will force-launch flash utility and then you should be able to flash the file 'GL703GS-AS.310' from pendrive again. Is this true and can support confirm, please? And what exact name should I give to the BIOS file on the pendrive?


  • i not know about button combinations , but i flash new bios through copying file to pendrive , going to bios, choosing advanced falsh utility , choosing firmware file, pressing ok , to flash .

    after complete the flash process, i make the bios settings to default , after two boots i configure the bios as per i need.

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