Block touch edge on Rog phone 2 Android 9/10

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Hi all,

I tried to use the blocking edge feature provided in Armoury but it doesn't work at all. I noticed this on Android 9 and even after upgrading to Android 10 the issue still persist. I tried this feature for COD and PUBG.

Is it happening to me only or every one?

Is sthere a solution to this?

Thank you all in advance


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    I can say I have the same issue in Asphalt 9. It's a problem when using air triggers because palms bellow thumbs accidentally touch bottom corners. So when using air triggers I have to be very careful how I hold my hands.

  • Blocked touch edges won't work if you don't touch anywhere else on the screen (only using airtriggers). We made it so because you should still be able to press in the lower corners when you're in a menu that has buttons there (like PUBG).

    So you need to have at least one finger on both sides of the screen to activate both block zones

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    I tried touching on half the screen, both halves with fingers and air triggers, and then corners, but afterwards corners still react to touch. Can you please be more specific and give me precise instructions what to do in a sequence to block those corners. Something like " 1. press left half of the screen with air triggers, 2. touch left corner with your finger". What exactly needs to be done to block them. Blocking those corners in Asphalt 9 would really make a difference while using air triggers.

  • It's quite simple, you need to have at least one constant touch on that half of the screen to activate the block on that side. Pressing the airtriggers won't activate the block and pressing once on the screen outside of the block zone, won't activate the block either.

    What I can do is to suggest to have a constant edge block in Armoury crate with an easy on/off switch in game genie.

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    That would be great for Asphalt and it's just what I have been discussing with CH_ASUS in another thread. To block those corners permanently. Bezels help when using fingers, but with air triggers palms bellow thumbs interfere with bottom corners.

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    Here is a video where you can see my palms activating commands in bottom corners. I would really like this to be blocked. I've also posted the video in COD thread, reference to CH_ASUS

  • I only got this phone today. A few minutes in and my biggest gripe is the bottom corners. Does not even matter if you're using air triggers. It's all to do with the way the phone is held in your hand.

    Many devices already have palm touch detection to prevent these mishaps but I would settle for a constant blocked edge. The way the block edge works now, doesn't really work at all because your palms could touch first rather than your thumbs and there is no way it would know if the multi-touch was an accident or intended.

    P.S. I'm sick of opening that menu in pubg mobile as well but more importantly, losing a battle because my aim decides to travel a different direction.

  • We will consider this or if there's some other way we can improve it without the need to add extra buttons in our UI

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    Thank you guys for replying.

    Actually blocking edge is not working at all. It doesn't matter if you have constant touch with thumps or not. The feature dose not block the bottom edges. I believe this issue needs to be escalated and fixed by developers.

    Thank you for the support.

  • Please make a screen recording and be sure to mention me so I get a notification. Record both your settings and the game when playing

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