[Issue]Game Genie app doesn't allow me to livestream on Twitch.tv

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I have tried logging into twitch account and I have done 2FA, but the game geniue authentication didn't pop up. Instead, it just showed a home screen of twitch.tv.

This was the result after logging in


  • To further this, while I have a ZenFone 6 and not a ROG 2, I encountered this problem as well when I tried to connect to twitch.

    I had hoped that the latest OTA (which I just installed) would have fixed it but instead it appeared to have removed twitch as an option entirely which was a rather disappointing 'fix'.

    I'm not sure if the versions are the same between our phones but perhaps something for ROG2 users to look forward to if we do.

  • Due to user-experience issues related to Twitch - we decided to remove Twitch-integration in Game Genie.

    If you need to use Twitch Live streaming feature; please use any of the 3rd party alternatives available to you via the Google Play Store. We are sorry for any inconvenience this might cause you.

  • How bout adding fb streaming?

  • It has been discussed but I don't know when or even if it will come. Time will tell but our devs are well aware that users want this

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    While that is disappointing to hear, thanks for providing an update. I assume by the tone of your message we are unlikely to see a return of this feature?

    On this note, is there any way to find the actual change log or release notes of the FOTA updates? Given that this was an undocumented change it's somewhat confounding to have to rely on a forum for issues like this in which users assume there to be a bug or similar when in truth they are planned feature regressions.

    As far as I can tell, the logs listed at the link below are identical to those which are given when you are prompted to install a FOTA update, which as explained, are lacking in depth. Working in software myself, I realise providing comprehensive change logs is usually quite a hassle and sometimes infeasible but I'd appreciate a little more information without having to capture and decompile updates to see if anything I'm relying on is disappearing.


  • The official change logs represent only the biggest or most important changes. The ones responsible for finding and translating these changes into something we can understand, probably didn't consider this to be important enough but I do agree with you. This is an ongoing discussion that we have in our team. I want to show more of the change log and also name those users who have helped us fixing important bugs. Unfortunately it's a slow process to get the approval for changes like this but I feel confident that it will happen :)

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