Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 stuck on asus logo suddenly



  • Yes. Phone will be saved, it just that we have to wait till the lockdown lift, so that we can go to service centre and fix it up

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    Yes, absolutely no problem in that. And there's nothing silly in clearing any doubts you have. We are here to help each other.

    Just make a note that once you approach the service center for repair, you have to take out your sim cards as well as the memory card if you have any. During flashing the Recovery firmware, all of your internal data would be removed. Keep charging the phone time to time.. Make sure to make a call to the Asus toll free number before going to visit the nearest Asus Authorized Service Center once the lockdown is lifted to confirm whether their service centers are operational or not. Visit with the phone and original invoice copy. They will fix the issue.

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    I too face same issue of stuck logo with my zenfone max pro 2. Due to lockdown totally in a fix. I feel after updating i faced this issue. i am not sure whether my datas can be saved. to wait till lifting of lockdown is quite tough. can i recover datas any option.

  • The issue actually happened after the latest fota update to some devices and the same can be fixed by re-writing the factory OS firmware version, so i think all the data in internal storage will be wiped out, and the only data which is stored in SD card can be saved

  • Hi All, even am also facing the same issue from April 8th.i did not do anything it got switched off and stuck at logo. Tried to hard rest but nothing works out. It only opens in fastboot mode.. very bad luck at this lockdown time...

  • I m also facing the same problem like all having the issue with max pro m2 after updating the fota 0.73 pie.. After 2 days it suddenly got switched off and stucks on asus logo..

    Even i cant access the recovery mode..

    See this..

  • My phone is happened same problem before 5 months. Then I went to service center, they change the mother board. Thank god I had the warranty.

  • Brother if it has happened with so many users after the update do you think it would have been a motherboard issue? Because many users have faced this after the update. I think there must be some bug with the lastest update which has caused this problem.

    Your case must have been different maybe your motherboard would have fried up because of faulty charger or excessive heating.

  • Yes, as you said, its mostly likely to be caused by the software glitch came with the latest firmware. Service center would re-write the factory ROM Version and the issue would be fixed.

  • Exactly this issue mostly caused by latest FOTA update only, thats probably why we all started facing the issue all of a sudden at more or less same time and yes it will be solved at service centre only

    But I am concern about the charges that we have to pay for the issue that cause from asus side actually

  • If you are out of warranty (I am guessing so), then they would charge you ₹500/- to check the device and flashing the Recovery firmware.. During docket, they would return your SIM cards and micro SD as well, and would tell you formally that all the internal memory items would be deleted.

  • I am aware of it

    But shouldn't Asus fix the issue without any charges (Expecting Too Much from Asus though) as it is happening to multiple users due to the recent FOTA update?

  • I just want to know the reason behind this bootloop, most of the users are having their phone in fully stock condition, neither they have made usb debugging enabled nor they have their bootloader unlocked. How could it stuck in bootloop? Just want to know the reason behind this.

    After my phone got stuck in bootloop, my friend told me to flash the stock ROM but while flashing, it shows that flashing can't be done in locked state and I can't unlock my bootloader because in order to do that I have to enable my usb debugging that can't be done.

    How would the service center guy could flash the stock ROM onto the phone then if it's in the locked state.

  • I agree that Asus should not charge any penny from their users for Asia's own buggy update. Also if it is possible Asus should enable their users by providing remote support to users to flash their ROM.

    However I don't know how will they flash it in locked state!

  • Kindly tag Asus India (@ASUSIndia) and Dinesh Sharma (@sharmadinesh) on twitter and ask them waive the charges which can be levied by service centers of Asus. This issue is not user created. I wish they listen and do the needful once lockdown is over.

  • I have faced the same issues, Any solution for this?

  • They are hopeless , whenever you tag them first they don't respond at all

    and if you are lucky and they respond on your tag then they just said kindly dm us the issue your are facing with the imei number we are happy to help............................................But that's it, after that no response again

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