Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 stuck on asus logo suddenly



  • I am facing same problem


  • Hi, I'm an asus user from Malaysia, i want to share my situation which is similar here, it took me a while to find this board as mostly I just contacted local service centre and reading the posts from India asus users with similar complaint, where I read that many had been given phone swap, which is good for them.

    My problem actually occurred in November 2020. So yes, I have an Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 ZB631KL Original Asus Malaysia Set. Sometime in November, I found that I could no start my phone as it gets stuck at the Asus logo when booting up. Cannot do hard reset or anything... quite devastating since nothing could be saved, and you just suddenly lost the use of your phone, without you doing anything.

    Yes it was also during covid, so everything took a while. I contacted asus service center here, and all they said was to get to a service centre. So i waited the right time when I could do that, and did... well it was kind of expected their respond, they said someone came in with the same issue and it was most likely the motherboard, and they quote the price to me which was almost the same as the price of the phone when I bought it early 2019. It told them about the issues i read online and they dont bother.

    So first of all please dont ask me to contact malaysia asus service center again, secondly, I'm terribly dissapointed with asus, now i own a redmi, just like the rest of my family... my laptops are still asus though, cause they actually last (read not new).. unlike the zenfone....

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    For anyone who faced the issue, READ the comment on page 11-13! There are a lot of users reported that they received free swap in India after contacted the repair center, even out of warranty l!

    if you are not Indian, then it may be caused by falling or breaking.

  • My zenfone max m2 got stuck while using FB. when i restarted it, then it got stuck on ASUS logo. Took to service center where they said its software issue, but were unable to reinstall software and said its motherboard problem and told me even if they change motherboard, they are not sure if phone will work or not. I took phone to open market and there also mobile repair guys said same thing. Now i guess my 12,000 Rs phone is just a dabba for me. Dont know what happened, as i never installed anything risky in my phone and never visited any vulnerable website. Dont know what to do now :(

  • Hi vivekkumar009

    Thank you for your asking. Please check your inbox and provide me some information for further checking.

  • Hi vivekkumar009

    After checking, because your device is ZenFone Max M2 rather than ZenFone Max Pro M2, which is irrelevant to the thread, please bring your device to the repair center and follow the guiding of the local service. Thank you.

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