Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 stuck on asus logo suddenly



  • Hi guys.

    I have same problem, I contact service center and explain everything but they still charge me.

    Please help me to blow up this issue in Indonesia.

    They persistent to charge me for service even I told them about their failure.

    And if anyone from Asus corp Read this, please give me explanation why treatment is different???

  • I got promise to to free replace motherboard..I gave my mobile at service centre ...

  • Hi Everyone...I faced the same asus max pro m2 was just one year and ten days old, it automatically switch off then it I tried to reboot it - it stuck on logo only...earlier I contacted local repiar guys they said recovery method is not working then I showed to authorized customer service center and those guys said the motherboard is fucked is this even possible..!!! for repair they quoted me 80% of actual cost of phone...Really..??

    I brought phone for 13,700 INR and the repair is costing me ~ 11,000 INR

    How much motherboard cost anyway???

    I lost my job due to pandemic and its very difficult to even buy new phone now..

    I saw many blogs and comments/reviews on ecom websites many people having the same issue...

    please if anyboday has found any trick to solve this issue without replacing motherboard pls contact me on... [email protected]

  • is there any contact mail or something?

    apakah ada cara untuk menghubungi pihak asus?

  • Hi There...

    Try to contact your nearest asus service center and tell them that most of the people are facing same issue (show them the zentalk sceeenshot...

    I spoke with my nearest service center today, they told me that they have recieved many units with the same issue and hence they are taking follow-ups with the company to find solution to this issue...

    hope this helps...


  • was your phone under warranty??

    if no could you please forward me the msg or mail ...

    [email protected]

  • Facing the same issue for the past 5 days, this piece of phone made me order online for a new Samsung M31 phone due to really need a phone for work at home. The phone just suddenly went restart and stuck at ASUS logo. This really pissed me off. I don't trust this product anymore, I just bought this past 1 year only.

  • bro my phn is out of warranty and i am facing kind of issue . so how do we need to approach the service center ?

  • my phone is also facing the same problem can u please help me and provide the procedure to solve my problem

  • I am very angry with Asus I bought Asus Max Pro M2 but Asus mobile lock gets stuck on Asus logo during the download and it has been 2 months since I gave it to the service center but till today Asus has given my problem Did not solve and did not find any solution. I demand that either Asus provide me a new mobile or give me my money, if both of them cannot do Asus then I will have to make a complaint against Asus in the Consumer Forum and I will also request all those who Mobile Asus is stuck on people, they can also come forward and complain so that we can get back our hard earned money.

  • I am also facing the problem of Asus logo and Asus is not resolving any of our problems, I am going to file a case in the consumer forum very soon and you should come forward and do the case.

  • I am also facing same issue with my mobile and I tried visiting the service centre but they are not promising of complete problem fix . They are giving 50% chance and before the service they are informing that there may be chance of mobile getting dead in that case i was suggested to change my motherboad . So what to do even service centre is not assuring 😞

  • //complaint letter//

    Consumer name Raj Kumar Atela. I bought a mobile from Asus Company, whose model number is Zenfone Max Pro (M2) ZB630KL. I bought this mobile on 26.12.2018. A software update was provided through the company during the lock down (Version WW-16.2017.2002.073) 09.03.2020 Through this update my mobile automatically shuts down in the evening after 2-3 working hours. When I started it, it could not move beyond the Asus logo, which I complained to the company, then the company said that the software update that was given through us had boxes (bugs). Because of that your mobile is not able to work. Then the company asked me to go to the service center but due to the lock down, I could not take my mobile to the service center because all the facilities were closed but as soon as the lock down was over. I reached my mobile service center, where I was given 2 to 5 days and after 2 to 5 days I was told that your mobile will not be right here. We are sending it to Delhi and your warranty is also over. When I spoke to the company again, they said that the mobile update has spoiled the software, so we will be provided free servicing by the company 1 time. After that my complaint was filed on 21/07/2020. Automatically the date of my mobile purchase by the company was 25/07/2019 and the warranty date was extended further after that they asked me for a month and I said ok after one month when I called again the company I told that we have got the motherboard of the mobile, it will take time to arrive. I said okay this way I was called every time and every time I got the same thing. Due to non-solution of the above mobile problem, I am getting very upset and the company is not providing me any information related to the mobile. The company was unable to meet the conditions of Asus Company's customers and was told by the company to provide Android 10 updates, but no updates were made available by the company on time. In this way the company is playing with the customers and citizens of India and looting the rupees of the citizens and filling their stomachs. Therefore, the Consumer Forum, Government of India, is sincerely requested that after taking action against the Asus Company, my and customers' money should be returned by the Asus Company.

  • Hi,

    I am also facing the same issue suddenly and mobile screen stuck at "ASUS" logo. Local mobile guy not able to restore it.

    service center are not operational. Please help me with any solution or suggestion. In future i will never go for this "su su mobile".

    Lost all my important data, lost all office related VPN setting.

    Date : 17/09/2020

  • Ya this issue made me sleepless... VPN in phone

    today is sunday i roamed all around chennai looking for solution....

    couldn't find any solution... no service center is saying couldnt be resolved without dataloss...

    even my phone is out of warranty...

    all authorized service centers are closed...


    After reading many comments... i feel only 1% of people would have reported this problem....

    remaining would have never complained...

    Dear Asus if you couldnt solve this issue.., i will suggest min 1000 people not to buy ASUS Phone...

    More than Money... User data is lost... User time is lost.... Can you calculate the value of time and Data... Can you give it back...

    Kindly take care.. Asus Taiwan

    Got Switched off and Stuck on Asus without any intervention

  • I am also facing the same issue after the last update ! But when I pressed the power button for 30s long press, it turned on with a message of" your device can't be trusted" photo attached ,again pressing the power, device turned on. But there is issue like, it turned bof automatically while on use, even if it on table it turned off automatically. Also the battery is showing different percentage in the same time some time batery details is not available on the settings icon. While that time batery percentage is 50%. @asus are you guys have done anything with the ok latest software update? Do you need service cost from many of the customers? Like what a cheating your users ? What exactly is going on with asus?

  • Not tried any kind of custom rom or rooting, not even connected to computer. All this happened after the last update! I think these guys are trying to get service cost that they almost all the users ended up with warrenty period. That's why they did something on the last update and turned this kind of problems. If only few of having the sane issue is ok, like it is possible dui to device corruption and problem, but it is not a common thing that several users having the sane kind of problem with Max pro series exactly after the update !

  • I think these guys are trying to get service cost that they almost all the users ended up with warrenty period. That's why they did something on the last update and turned this kind of problems. If only few of having the sane issue is ok, like it is possible due to device corruption and problem, but it is not a common thing that several users having the sane kind of problem with Max pro series exactly after the update !

  • I am also facing the same issue with my Max PRO M2. now I stuck with this issue after warranty is expired. However, I gave it to Service center and now they are claiming the mother board is damaged. So the repair costs will be around 10 K. I regret buying this brand as there is no point in spending 10k for repairing.

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