Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 stuck on asus logo suddenly



  • Guys it's not fixed that the device will be replaced. They just told give them and if it is approved then only. The service centre guys told that there is 90% chance that your request will be cancelled.

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    That means your device is not approved, my device approved and accepted by Asus HQ they given me written confirmation.

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    My defective device taken back by Asus for swap and dispatched swap unit, now i am waiting for swap unit.

  • chouhanchouhan Level 2

    It is clearly mentioned in email and this is written confirmation from Asus HQ. What more is required, they collected defective handset and arranged swap unit which will be available within agreed time.

  • Its really nice to see that some of us are getting the issue resolved

    I urged to those people to please share a step by step process as how you approach the asus officials and how long it gonna take to receive your replacement?

  • And also is [email protected] is the officail email id to contact asus india about the same?

  • Asus Logo Stuck, Phone Not booting after FOTA 073.

    My phone inspected at Auth. Asus service center and it is clearly informed by service center that your phone is having software issue-OS Error and this happened after FOTA 073. Asus not taking responsibility


  • My handset is out of warranty but this stuck on Asus logo issue is caused after FOTA update 073, why Asus insisting me to pay for motherboard replacement.

    They give me 10300 rs quotation.

    I will not pay single rupee, #recallmaxprom2

  • Dear All friends @r4rajneesh64  @ssaha255 @chouhan @abcd1234 @ak4658 @patssushil . Myself too suffering from the same issue since FOTA 0.073 update in March 2020. Local Market is also unable to repair it. After several complain and tweets still the Asus personnel are telling that the device is out of warranty so we can’t help out. I request all the friends who had successful resolution of their issue (who are not in warranty) to share the chain of actions taken. So that we all can be benefited. Service center guys are just telling to replace directly motherboard as they directly don’t have proper authority other than this action. Request help each other to solve the issue.

  • Make phone call to ASUS helpline number regularly and tweet them with @ASUSINDIA regularly ...this is the only steps we've taken to get replacement of our damaged phone due to Asus's faulty firmware update.073.

    Check my twitter threads for further details with asus twitter handle is @ssaha255

    Or call/whatsapp me on 9874325967

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    Hey, I have the same problem, but apparently I am able to power on my phone by clicking a lot in buttons. If I downgrade the update 0.73 to this before or upgrade will this error go away? If yes, how can I sadely downgrade it then?

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    Safely not sadely*

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    I am writing continuously in Zentalk that I have done several tweets to @Asusindia official twitter handle and posted my device photos with Asus logo stuck and video indicating actual issue and also attached phone inspection *job-sheet* received form *Asus authorized service center* which specifies that phone is having Software problem and OS error after update, *Asus Logo Stuck*

    Asus India official twitter handle taken the issue into consideration and forwarded to the concerned department followed by call and email from the concerned team with a written email confirmation that "your device is approved for swap by Asus HQ" and you are requested to submit your defective device at authorized service center.

    Even-though my device is out of warranty it is informed you do not need to pay "single rupee" and you will get swap handset, this is clear that such crash happened due technical glitch in the FOTA update.

    Timeline given for collecting swap handset is within 7-10 working days from the same authorized service center.

  • Which all lot of buttons you are using to switch on the Device, Please share with all of us

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    You cannot do anything because the real fact is even Asus authorized Service center cannot make it switched on or put a new software, the reason is phone motherboard is damaged (reason given by authorized service center) after that specific update, if you go to service center, you can discuss with asus authorized service center engineer, he will clearly ask you to replace motherboard because no other way left.

    You can scroll up and check this zentalk page, one affected user @abcd1234 posted his phone inspection job sheet which he got from Auth. service center and quotation for motherboard charges.

    If you are able to completely switch on your phone as usual thn you are lucky, you can install stable update rolled out by Asus.

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    Actually everything is working fine, except the power button, whenever I touch it phone shut downs and the error starts again.

    I have done it actually by mistake but later I found out exactly how to unlock it. When you see the android logo (this before ASUS logo) you need to multiply click fast all buttons- Volume up and down and power, then phone will shut down without showing ASUS logo. If it does, doesn't click anything. It will power on by itself and then you can unlock it by PIN or whatever you have, but remember that clicking power button no matter if u want to lock/unlock or make screenshot phone will shutdown again and again android and ASUS logo will show constantly. So I recommend use 2 click gesture to unlock/lock phone.

    Maybe updating it or downgrading will remove this bug? I havent tried yet but if you would do it and its working please write it here, cause it's irritating to can't make a screenshot.

  • Actually in the mail it is not mentioned any thing about HQ but it was mentioned that my defective device would be swapped but service center guys didn't know about it so he told me that lets wait for the confirmation from the higher authority, he has mailed them and I am awaiting reply

  •    I bought my ASUS Zenfone Max pro M2 on 23 december 2018 . It was working very fine till the FOTA update 073 that rolled over april,After the update few day later my asus zenfone max pro m2 is stuck on Asus logo 

            I tried every thing i was only able to take the phone cms boot loader,So i visited the asus service center for the rectification .But they said u have to replace phone mother board which almost cost as much as new phone.

          Then i was able to notice there was lot of handsets which produced same issue as mine,which i was able to gather information from asus logo issue is caused after FOTA update 073,

  • Please suggest some solution

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