Vowifi in india

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Since Asus 6x recieved the vowifi and asus 5z is also well capable of having this feature... Are we getting one in next update?


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  • No vowifi on Asus zenfone 5z till today... Why?

    My other entry level Xiaomi redmi 8 has it... N both are on Airtel network.

    Please hurry up with the udpate as its really needed when indoors due to weak airtel network.

  • Please reply asus..... When we will get vowifi update????

  • No use of VoWIFI, its better to cry for ViLTE.

  • It's not in the hands of the Asus. It depends upon the operators (Airtel, Jio). When they allow this device to use VoWIFI Asus will provide it.

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    Not entirely true . Asus need to update their firmware to support Vo-Wifi & then operators will add it to thier supported devices. 2 lower end asus devices maxpro devices are supported .While most of Xiaomi & Samsung have Vo-Wifi support

    Strange that the flag-ship 5z still has no support.

  • Probably my last Asus product ever.

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    Just an FYI:

    Zenfone 6 and Rog phone 2 got vowifi support for Jio, "hopefully" Zenfone 5z is next in line to get official vowifi support in our next update

    *Supports only Jio rn

  • Still no vowifi for asus zenfone 5z in india till date.

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