Stuck in bootloop



  • please bro explain how did u get replacement ?

    which fota update are u on ??/

    which city did u vusut service centre ??

  • ivytivyt Level 1

    I am too experiencing the same issue. Last month it happened twice but eventually worked again. But this time it just stuck in a boot loop. Should I trash the phone or wait? I'm also worried about the contents in my phone.

  • @ivyt Happened same with me, they are asking for 7.8k for mobo replacement. Earlier it used to lag and sometimes it got auto-off while using apps. This time it never restarted. I am aware of how Bootloop looks, but this is not a bootloop, it's a hard bricked device. It feels so bad that without doing anything, we are facing this issue, that too while its not under warranty, why only after warranty?

  • this is bug creating company with every update they give many issues free every time the update appears on my phone im scared what will happen next. This time they took it to far THE PHONE IS STUCK ON ASUS LOGO FROM LAST 7 OR 8 DAYS the service centre says motherboard issue has to replace it. The consumer care says they cant do anything because my phone is out of warranty. i dont want a new phone just fix it. an if any one is reading please reply

  • the same problem

    Then, how? so a trash cellphone?

    f*ck asus

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    4 days ago, I was facing exactly the same issue on my MAX Pro M2.

    I was using Waze tool, suddenly the android reboot and I had this screen. CSC FASTBOOT MODE.

    impossible to reboot, whatever the various buttons option (vol down + power, vol up + power, vol down + vol up + power, etc..)

    I have so many data that I canno't recover.....

    When ASUS will be able to give an answer to such big issue ?

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    This morning my cell got stuck as well, has anyone found a solution?

  • UPDATE :

    Took this to the service center, they charged 500 for checking the device as if they didn't knew what the problem was, and asked for 10000 to repair the motherboard.


    This a scam company, I had an Asus Zenfone which was 3 years old, in which the battery was was dead they replaced the battery with a fake battery and the they also compromised the the screen that phone is basically useless now.

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    facing same problem.. only csc fastboot mode can access.. trying to flash some rom? nahh it will not work coz bootloader is in lock_state, how to unlock bootloader? well go to developer options> oem unlock.. wtf advise is that.. now is there someone here give the right solution? or suggest to buy new phone or go to service centers.. thats terrific.. ASUS you force your users? it is like a economical savotage?

    I can barely follow instructions on google sites, everything for 3days after this happenned.. my phone is 2years old now .

    some fastboot cmds are not working, but "oem device-info", "getvar all" . I read a pdf stating that fastboot commands are disable in manner, but there is away to enable those flashing erase etc.

  • ezkyuhiro24ezkyuhiro24 Level 1
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    same problem I facing . only csc fastboot mode . no recovery. bootloader is lock. is this a massive economical savotage? you creating your own problem and then you want us to pay in your prestigious service centers? instead buy a new phone?

    this is not a motherboard issue anymore. very basic.. fastboot commands are not working except device-info.. I suggest to release signed images so we can get back on the system even the bootloader is in lock_state... all roms circulate in the internet are unsigned thats why bootloader will not recognize that particular firmware/rom etc

  • ezkyuhiro24ezkyuhiro24 Level 1
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    #cancelasus motherboard scam

    please spread so they can give us solution.

  • Had the same issue a couple of days back, went to the service center, they cant fix it. Will need a new motherboard (costs 10k), not to mention all the data I lost.

    They refuse to acknowledge the fact that this is an issue due to the faulty software update. Customer care says we cant do anything since the phone is out of warranty.

    Thousands of people are facing the same issue and they refuse to do anything about it. This is an absolute scam of a company they are running.

  • I think I shouldn't spend anymore second in this fucking company's website, few words.....just a few...

    From Bangladesh, max pro m2, overnight without any clue , stuck on asus bootloop, no customer service in my country, I'm gonna burn this device, ur fault , not mine fucking asus, make 10000000 percent sure no one buy this bullshit, don't know when will I buy my next phone, will use button mobile , but.....but....but.......

    Not a single fucking bullshit asus name in my future life......

    Go fuck and get a fucking update and stop fucking others money on name of update...

    - not a asus fucker anymore

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    The issue is very real. I gave a Max Pro M2 as a Christmas gift to a person a year ago, and now not even a full year later it dies on them after an update.

    Can't even access recovery, and therefore not sure how to unbrick it. Only one service centre where I live, will be attempting to get any info out of them.

    I absolutely DON'T want to pay for anything, as this is clearly a problem from ASUS. They released a faulty update which started killing phones, they should sort this out for me.

  • Hi I am faced the same issue with my Asus Zenfone max Pro m2 ZB630KL.i have an solution flash the 8.1 Oreo fastboot firmware then your handset work fine like new

  • how to flash? Can you help detail steps? I can only access csc fastboot with my phone.

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