Dead keyboard after Shutdown or Hibernation (Scar Edition GL703GS)

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System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Description: Dead keyboard after Shutdown or Hibernation (Scar Edition GL703GS)
Model: GL703GS
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: Yes

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Gaming Laptop ASUS GL703GS (BIOS 310)
CPU i7-8750H (iGPU unavailable)
GTX 1070 8GB (non-Max-Q, 10DE 1BE1 - 1043 1011, GP104 A1, vbios 86.04.7c.00.24, Samsung VRAM)
Windows 10 Pro 1909
Desktop res: 1080p (1920x1080)
Screen: 144Hz + g-sync AUO B173HAN03.2 [AUO329D]
Audio: Realtek HD Audio (ALC295 chipset)
Hard disks: NVMe Samsung, SSD Crucial
USB Blu-Ray 4K drive: Archgon Star MD-8102P-U3YC-UHDB (Pioneer BDR-UD04)

Strange issue since 16 of March.
After Shutdown or Hibernation, on next resume, keyboard is dead and disappears even from Device Manager. Also leds stay off. At this point to resume keyboard I have to:
  1. Shutdown/Hibernate again
  2. unplug power cord
  3. resume PC with Power button (using battery mode)
This will make keyboard (+leds) resume as usual, 'til next Hibernation or Shutdown. No problem with Sleep mode (red keyboard leds with 'heart-beat' effect).
Once keyboard is in "disabled status" even from BIOS keyboard is not available and leds are off: only mousepad+power button do work (keyboard leds off and keyboard not available from Device Manager if I login into Windows with on-screen keyboard + mouse).


Already restored Aura Core from MS Store + old Aura Core Component 1.0.14 + good old Aura Lighting Service 1.00.41, or latest Aura Service driver (3.03.38) from official download page following this guide , and refreshed ASUS ATK drivers, but didn't solve the issue with dead keyboard on resume after Shutdown or Hibernation.
When keyboard leds are on and keyboard is working, Reboot or Sleep mode will work fine. It happens only after Shutdown or Hibernation.


  • Hello zenfans_D3JS,

    Please kindly send your device to service center to check for the keyboard hardware.

    Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

    Thank you very much.

  • hexaaehexaae Level 1
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    With COVID19 everything is in lock down in Italy so I can't send it.

    Anyway keyboard is NOT permanently dead (hardware fault), please read carefully. It looks like an ASUS/Microsoft software or BIOS issue instead, since I can actually "resume" it with a complicated procedure... I've found other users in other forums reporting the same strange issue started since FEBRUARY-MARCH 2020.


    Already tried a factory reset but didn't help... So maybe something related to keyboard handling has been corrupt in the BIOS 310?

    Is there a procedure to reset BIOS 310 (and maybe CMOS and NVRAM) on ASUS ROG Scar Edition GL703GS? Something like keeping pressed Power button for 30 secs when computer is off... maybe?

  • Hello hexaae,

    I'm afraid that the keyboard cable need to be examined.

    I will keep monitor this issue and report it to related department.

    Thank you.

  • hexaaehexaae Level 1
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    Has nothing to do with defective cable: it's not an intermittent, nor permanent issue. When I've managed to light it up again it works fine and it never turns off unless I Hibernate or Shutdown. In these two cases to "resume" it again I have to unplug power cable and press Power button: this only will wake up keyboard again. If I press Power button with AC cable plugged in instead keyboard will stay off.

    For this reason I'm convinced it's 99% a BIOS/ASUS/Win "software issue" of some kind, not a HW failure.

    In brief, after Shutdown or Hibernation only (Sleep and Reboot work fine instead):

    • power cable plugged in = Power button won't wake up keyboard, invisible from Windows Device Manager too. Mousepad + Power button always working.
    • power cable unplugged = Power button will wake up keyboard!

    Can you help me understand, asking to technical support, what can it be? Could a BIOS reflash attempt, or a CMOS reset be a valid solution (have no idea where keyboard status + led settings are stored but they seems to be messed up, probably saved in faulty BIOS/UEFI...)?

  • Hello hexaae,

    Well... if you insist...

    Please follow below FAQ

    flash the BIOS back to 309 (it 's fine for your model)

    then flash to 310 again.

    And if the issue persists, please kindly send your device to service center when it is more convenient.

    Thank you.

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