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Dear Asus ,I think you have lost your Mobile business department.You also failed to impress the Asus Phones customers.
Provide these features in next update or shut down the mobile business.

Where is quick settings toggle for dark mode?

1.Quick settings toggle for DARK MODE.
2.VIDEO CALLING AND WIFI CALLING feature for Zenfone 5Z.
3.Full screen gestures from Asus full means full not like native Android 10 full screen gestures which shows home button with BORDER.
4.Lockscreen clock Style and Position Change option to Gives a fresh lock screen if we set own selfie or portrait wallpapers.
5.Accent colour change is not working in developer settings.
6.Quick setting brightness slider contains Sun like dot as Stock Android remove it Please and use circle dot please Asus ..
7.Themes are not compatible in Android 10 make them compatible for Android 10.

Asus Your intiative in 2018 in Mobile Industry was revolutionary but in this Era Your loosing customers due to poor customer support. Rest brands works on customers feedback but at Asus customers requests are always Excused. Kindly change this behaviour.


  • I agree with 1). I need quick settings toggle for Dark mode a lot. I have also written on ideas for next section. Many people agree, i think.
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