Download folder (picture album) keeps multiplying/duplicating

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APP Name: gallery
Rooted: No
Frequency of Occurrence: every day
Firmware/APP Version: 6.0.1.
Model: ZE601KL

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I hope everyone here is well, and is staying at home.

I don't know how to say that but... My "downloads" folder (in the gallery app) keeps multiplying.
I have like, 4 pictures in it.
I check in the gallery because I'm looking for a specific picture (let's say in the "camera" folder).
and then BAM
I have
800 folders names "downloads"
I scroll, scroll, scroll down. It seems to never stop... more albums, more albums...
I can't see my pictures anymore because the phone struggles to load so many pictures, or albums.
I need to delete every folder again.
As you can see, I had to delete nearly 7000 pictures, all from "downloads" folder, multiplied.

I don't know why this happens, but it keeps happening. My phone obviously struggles to handle so many pictures.
Please, help me.

Thank you.
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