Going HOT so fast

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Old question:
1. Quality of battery with 5k mAh sounds like battery with 3k mAh why?? I playd games for 3 hours ( pubg/cod/hago) and others apk was idle but must charge after 7-8 hours on?!? Ck.ck.ck...

Last update via OTA:
1. Right now my phone going HOT so FAST (45°C) after playd hagos game half hours (1 hours on).

Shame on u and worry about ur qualities, thx


  • I have same problem, after last update the phone going hot so fast, battery drain so fast. Charging speed extremely slow when turned on (even in idle), but normal when turned off
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    Level 1 | 2020/3/24 11:11
    I solved the problem by Disable the "Media Storage" system app. This app make 4 cpus run full load so the heating will be never stopping, it is fatal bug, Asus must fix this urgently.
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