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APP Name: Vlive
Rooted: No
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Firmware/APP Version: 4.7.3
Model: ZE620KL

I am Not getting any notifications from this app i am using. App name is VLIVE. I am a subscriber. This for BTS, this is what theybuse whenever they go om live to talk to fans.
They went online the past few days & i never got any notifications for it. I have provided screenshots.

Notifications have been turned on so why didn't i get any notifs?


  • Hi quinofdeath,

    We suggest that you check:
    Check if notifications are allowed in app info. (Tap and hold the app on home screen > app info > app notifications)
    Please allow the apps to "auto start" in auto-start manager. (Mobile Manager > PowerMaster > Auto-start manager)
    Check your battery optimization settings, and do not optimize the apps you wish to receive notifications instantly. (Settings > Battery > Battery optimization)

    If the problem still appears, please provide your firmware version: Settings > System > About Phone > Software information

    Thank you :)
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