WiFi isn't working!

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Model: ZE552KL
Firmware/App Version: WiFi isn't working!
Location: WiFi isn't working!
Frequency of Occurrence: WiFi isn't working!
Rooted: Yes
App Name:
Description: WiFi isn't working!

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[color=rgb(135, 138, 140)][color=rgb(26, 26, 27)]I was using my computer fine at school. I get home and it won't connect to WiFi. Clicking on it only says manually and connect in hours that don't work. I did system restore, didn't fix it. Did live chat with Asus and they told me to delete one of the drivers and use some pnutil file or whatever. Not only did it not fix it, but it now doesn't show WiFi at all,not even unable to connect. So I decide to try a factory reset. I click it, it does it's thing and then I get an error that I can't factory reset. Idk what to do[color=rgb(135, 138, 140)]https://19216811.cam/ https://xender.vip/ https://testmyspeed.onl/[/color][color=rgb(135, 138, 140)]


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