Asus Zenfone 5 Bad camera that needs improvement!

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We see that Zenfone 5's camera performs very well with google camera. Asus' own software camera is quite bad, I demand that the required software development be carried out in the Android Q software phase. You can make serious improvements even if you cannot produce a camera as well as a Google camera, the phone has a flagship sensor. Moreover, when upgrading, I think that you should contact the application manufacturers. Snapchat and Instagram cameras are pretty bad. I request the improvement by contacting. Colors are unrealistic, HDR should be strengthened, noise should be reduced, night mode should be improved (not yellowing the photo). I learned that the Android Q update will come, but the date is not set, as studies are still running and it takes time. I wanted to support you by giving you this information to assist you in the software phase.

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