ZF Model: ZB570TL
Firmware/APP Version: MOLY.LR11.W1603.MD.MP.V35.4.P119,2018/09/17 10:38
Frequency of Occurrence: 2.4
Rooted: No
APP Name:

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IPv4 unable to use


  • Hi pingfongcheung,

    Could you show us a screenshot of the problem?
    Could you tell us your firmware version: Settings > System > Advanced > About phone > Build number
    Thanks for your help.
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    Hello! It would help me help you if you posted a screenshot of the problem as a reply to this comment. I like to think I am quite good at IT and could use resolving this problem to feed my ego. Let me take a blind guess while waiting for your reply. I'd like few details about your phone click here to see it's IP address iproyal.com. Perhaps the ethernet cable from your wi-fi router got disconnected. If the problem doesn't lie in mechanical issues just try visiting a gsm service.

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