Black screen of death

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Model: ZE553KL(Zoom)
Firmware/App Version: no clue
Location: United Kingdom
Frequency of Occurrence: constant
Rooted: Yes
App Name:
Description: Asus Zefone 3 Zoom Black Screen of Death

Hi there,

So im having a similar issue that it seems many of your customers screen of death. I was holding my phone reading an article when before my eyes it just glitched out and went black, it still vibrates and indicates charging. I have tried pressing the volume and power buttons at the same time both plugged in and out and it vibrates but the screen does not come on. Obvioiusly im not the only one with this issue and have read as many message threads here as possible.

1. I have looked at the global service screen recommended to others and it seems that the UK does not have a service center. In additon it seems this unlocks a pandoras box of warrenty issues.

2. I just simply want to know if there is an at home solution to this since judging by others experiences Asus support does not resolve the matter and they do not stand behind there product.

3. With how many people have reported this has Asus actually done anything to remidy the situation.

In short is there a way I can get my 5 month old phone to work again. If not then I will just stop buyin Asus and get a phone that works with a company that backs their product.

Thank you for any help.
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