Fan Mode (speed control) not working

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System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Description: Fan speed noise and boots up in turbo mode when cold
Model: UX581GV
Frequency of Occurrence: Sometimes
Reset OS: No

Good Day,

I recently purchaded the Zenbook Dou Pro UX581GV. When I power up the computer in the morning, sometimes the fan speed goes into turbo mode and I cannot turn it down. Its is very noisy and distracting. No programs are running and my system temperatures are very low between 15C and 30C. I have tried selecting AUTO and TURBO modes to see if it would chnage the speed and fan noise in myASUS hardware settings and nothing happened.

This occurs every 7-10 days. When the fan is on high and very noisy, I turn off the computer, wait 5 minutes, and turn the computer on again. The fan then returns to being low and quiet for the next 7-10 days of operation.

I need to know what this is happening and if I can prevent it.

Thank you - RD


  • is it possible to control the fan in bios, check it
  • Thank you - I checked the BIOS settings and although I can see the fan rpm, voltage and CPU temperature, I am unable to select any of these settings. There are no "fan" related settings under the Advanced tab either. Very strange.
  • ryan.devlin posted on 2020/1/24 23:28
    Thank you - I checked the BIOS settings and although I can see the fan rpm, voltage and CPU temperat ...

    atlast step. Reset the default settings in bios
  • Hello ryan.devlin,
    Please check if there is any windows update running in the background.
    The fan might be more sensitive to temperature than users.
    It will detect the temperature inside the device, also, the noise can be a bit subjective.
    Please kindly provide a video of the situation or send the device to service center
    for further examination.
    You may also try to lower all the function that might increase temperature.
    (refresh rate, brightness, screenpad..)
    Thank you.
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