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Description: Randomly going black screen but PC is still ON
Battery or AC: AC
System: Windows 10
Model: Asus VivoBook S14
Frequency of Occurrence: Sometimes
Reset OS: Yes

Hi All, Recently I purchased Model S430FAlaptop on 25th Oct 2019.After usage of 15 days , the laptop behavinga junk product. Randomly the screen is going black, butstill PC is ON. After that I register complaint with ASUS customer care (28/11/2019).Then they came and checked and gavethe report, the laptop is working fine. The second day itself again itsbehaving the same way. Again I raised the compliant on 09/12/2019 . Now They changed motherboard anddisplay on 14/12/2019. But still the Same issue continuing ,, thenthey took it the laptop to their service team to one week observation.(06-01-2020 to 10-01-2020), again they told that "It is working fine. " After thatAlso my issue is not solved. Almost 90 days going to over , stillthey cannot able to find out the root cause of this issue and solution for thisjunk laptop. Even I did not installed anyapplication , after returning the laptop from Asus service centre.Just I am working with MSoffice and MS outlook application only, this is not a heavy usagememory application. Still I don’t know again how manytime’s or years , you are going to do the service in this junk laptop.


  • i think some windows settings are corrupted

    intel graphics drivers is corrupted that causes black screen
    nvidia graphics drivers is corrupted that causes black screen
    power settings windows must be restored .
    just message to PM , i am living in near Bangalore city, not from ASUS .
    i am a normal user
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