Laptop constantly BSOD's, microsoft said its an ASUS issue

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Model: ASUS GL702VS
Description: BSOD's and crashing
Battery or AC: AC
System: Windows 10
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: Yes

[color=rgb(209, 209, 209)][/color]At this point, im going to be forced to sell my laptop, ive done everything possible to stop blue screening. Did clean installs of windows, wiped the drives, replaced the motherboard, updated all drivers, ran memory tests, scanned for viruses, checked all hardware by tech shops, and nothing has fixed it. Reinstalling windows does nothing as the blue screen comes back within 3 days. I only get blue screen on boot, not while gaming or browsing the internet. I have seen the errors. It's always MEMORY_MANAGEMENT_ERROR, CRITICAL PROCESS DIED, SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED, pretty much all of them. Recently had it get to the point where it said to send in my computer to be repaired because it would no longer get past the blue screen. I like windows 10, I really do, but when I sink in over $2000 for a laptop that starts having issues right after warranty expires, is total bs, I even spent an extra $1000 to replace the motherboard, it didn't help at all. So what am I supposed to do at this point? ive done all system scans and everything, nothing pops up. Like I said in the intro, ive had both hard drives checked and stress tested, no issues come back. I'm at a loss now, I've done everything possible to save this computer, and I refuse to sink more money into it, for it clearly being a windows issue. I recently talked to Microsoft and they have narrowed it down to being an ASUS issue, so no local computer repair shops could fix this. I have the bsod dump file that i sent Microsoft right here. My laptop is an ASUS GL702VS. It has never overheated.
BSOD Dump file
Here is my talk with Microsoft telling me to contact ASUS
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  • All BSOD causes due to bad memory management and due to piece system drivers and other company drivers.

    use generic drivers, like graphics drivers directly from intel or Nvidia or AMD.
    Increase the page file or virtual memory.
    disable driver signature verification
  • BSOD caused due to atkwmiacpi64.sys file

    so uninstall Asus atk software.
  • RAJU2529 posted on 2020/1/13 13:07
    All BSOD causes due to bad memory management and due to piece system drivers and other company driv ...

    How do i do the following steps? Also i don't have any atk software located in my programs section in control panel
  • first the windows into safemode
    go to Ç:\windows\system32\drivers\

    then find the file "atkwmiacpi64.sys"
    then the take ownership of the folder "system32".
    then delete or cut "atkwmiacpi64.sys" and paste in D:\ drive
  • I just looked, I don't have that file. What about the other bsod dump files I have? I was told by ASUS to send the laptop in, but ive done that in the past, and they wanted 2000$ to replace the motherboard, so I did at a repair shop
  • I analyzed only one memory dump file. so send other memory dump files
  • Hello coreythekidd,
    Please kindly PM me your SN or RMA number.
    Thank you very much.
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