Asus zenfine 3 Deluxe not responding.

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Model: ZS570KL(Deluxe)
Firmware/App Version: 8
Location: Greece
Frequency of Occurrence:
Rooted: No
App Name:
Description: Phone is dead.
( lastest update with TIM Version)

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So this is the second time the problem came up (before the phone was on and shut down without reason), i thought it was some app i unsitall every new app that downloaded and now this came again in few days, i put my phone to charger ,it was charging for few min then i saw that the notification led is off, but it was not only this , the phone is off and not responding to anything now.
I connect the phone to PC but there nor response to.


  • You must wait till the battery will drain completely (you can try to put phone to very low temperature) and then you must trying again to see if the empty battery appear on the screen when you start the phone and if so you can charge and turn on the phone. The same problem I have and from time to time the phone freeze and after that appear that will turn off but will not because the phone keep warming.To solve the issue for a limited time I reset the phone to default factory settings and reinstalled the last available firmware. It's a battery and operating system issue. I have Oreo 8.0 and Asus stop to bring the fix for these knowing issue with Oreo 8.0. I will never buying again an Asus phone.
  • I send it to asus service they have it 4 days now and i have 0 answear from them please somebody from taiwan make them work faster it's not possible every time i send my phone to asus service it's never come earlier than 2 weeks. My phone is my work and i need it.
  • Update. Once i send it to service they needed to tell me after i called them , that this service cannot repair my phone and they need to send it to other country service. Already 10 day past since they have my device and they don't know how to repair it, i think in the end they will send my device to Taiwan . Last time with my zenfone 2 i waited for 1 month and the phone came with more problems they take it back for repair and i waited 3 months and they answer was your phone is not repairable and i waited 3 more months for my money refund. In the Asus headquarter , should look well at they after sail support and they quality check. It's not possible when i buying 3 Asus phones and all of them had problems even the phone of my sister that tell her to buy had problems it's 4 phones 100% problematic.
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    So ,the ASUS service have my device since 20 January now it's 27 February i have 0 answer from them every time i call them they say the same words "we wait answer from our central office for refund or repair the device" days are passing they are stalling without reason, and i do not have my device or any answer. Really amazing support Asus your average respond time is 2 months.
  • Encountering the same problem right now, in mu case it the fb, messenger that seems to cause the issue so i uninstall those two and new app ls that i have install, and also everytime i install a new app zen ui crashes, it really has something to do with operating system like the reply above, now i am replying from my phone barely fix the issue, for the record its the fourth time muliple restart. Still under observation. Hope it will be fixed soon
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