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ZF Model: ZC520KL
Firmware/APP Version: WW-AOSP-16.0200.1907.18
Frequency of Occurrence: All the time
Rooted: No
APP Name:

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I got new issue after I updated from Oreo to Pie Beta.

I thought it was a good idea updating my phone because I found that Oreo had a critical bug. Yes, it's battery. I went to check it using Ampere App and saw that the input was pretty low although my charger and cable are fine.

And there we go, my phone has been updated to Pie Beta and no longer issue about battery but another issue appeared. It's audio. The sound is flat, really flat. I have tried using audio booster, another headphone but it didn't work.

I have Knowledge Zenith ZS10Pro and it's normal ( Checked it on another phone and laptop ). I came to conclusion that the problem is the firmware itself because I have tried to upgrade and downgrade several times. Which means that I upgraded to Pie got sound issue. Downgraded to Oreo got battery issue and upgraded it back to Pie got the same audio issue. Kinda frustating we can't downgrade it to Nougat which was better than those Oreo and Pie.

I hope mod won't ask me to go to service center because my phone is fine. It's the firmware bug, not the phone. And hope they'll fix it as well.


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    And it also affects speaker as well.
  • Got something for this case.

    Sound becomes normal when playing video, music while on phone call using third party apps such as WhatsApp, Line. Once you're no longer on phone call, sound becomes weird as I said about flat thing.

    Kindly reply and fix the issue.
  • Hello? Am I being ignored?
    Probably I need to sell my Zenfone lol.

    Thanks Asus for the past 3 years. ;)
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