Microphone not working

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Model: ZE551ML
Firmware/APP Version: LRX21LV.WW-ASUS_Z00A-
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Rooted: No
APP Name:

Microphone 1 is not working properly it is making a static/hissing sound witch won't allow me to use text to speech or "ok Google " microphone 2 works tho


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    Did you used SMMI test to differentiate between software and hardware issue?
    As this phone haven't been updated for years I doubt that is a software issue.
    It could be some 3rd party app causing the issue you can put your phone in Safe Mode to find out.
    But my bet is hardware, your mic 1 is gone.
    How to do SMMI test and put a phone in Safe Mode can be find here on ZenTalk.
  • Hi,

    Not syre if i post in right forum. I just bought Asus Rog Phone 2, ultimate. My Friends days that it sounds vierd, like mumbling when i speak tog them. Is there a fix or för i havet to go back to the store and bit another brand. I have been reading about this issue and cannot find a software fix for this. There is a way where you put a piece of tape over the microphone that is on the top of the phone. Hope someone van help me cause i really like the phone and all the accesories that i bought to it.
  • sommerborn1977 posted on 2020/1/17 18:05

    It seems that NO Asus Rog Phone 2 Forum yet here on ZenTalk.
    Still you may have better chance with help in Asus Rog Phone Forum ://www.asus.com/zentalk/forum.php?mod=forumdisplay&fid=433

    Also you may need to contact Asus support directly.
  • Yes, my earphone no 1, is not working.
  • Any update for asus zenfone 3s max??
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