Zenbook UM433DA will not wake from sleep and overheats when closed

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System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: Battery
Description: When opening the laptop will stay in sleep mode and can only be reset with a 10 second power button hard reset
Model: UM 433DA -A5016T 14" FHD Ryzen 5 3500U
Frequency of Occurrence: Sometimes
Reset OS: No

Hey there

So i have just received this zenbook UM433DA- A5016T 14" FHD Ryzen 5 3500U and ive run into a pretty frequent occurance of the laptop staying in sleep mode when i open it. The only way i can get it to work is if a hold the power button down and then reset it. Also when this happens the laptop gets extremely hot when closed even though nothing is or should be running.
Ive had the laptop for 3 days only and this is already a concern. Also had wifi connectivity issues but that seems to have been resolved somehow.

Any help would be great thanks.


  • check the viruses , trojans on fulkl drive using windows defender and antivirus
  • Hi, were you able to fix this? If yes, how? (Having the same issues here, wusing the same model)


  • Hello merysoft,

    Which issue do you have?

    Can't wake up from sleep or overheat when the lid is closed?

    Please kindly check if your BIOS and windows are all up to date.

    And do you use any external device?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Blake_ASUS

    It's been a very long while and I haven't heard anything from you about possible solutions to this problem. This seems (from following this forum) to be quite a widespread issue that occurs on a few different zenbook models. Although disconnecting my USB devices before entering sleep mode seems to lower the frequency of the issue significantly, it does not solve the problem and in any case is only a temporary solution. I tried enlarging the virtual memory as was proposed in a different thread here, but that doesn't seem to help either. Is there any progress in solving this? Our correspondance on this issue seems to be gone since moving to the new forums.


  • Hello royschreiber,

    I have always been paying attention to this issue, however, not much progress.

    I will keep collecting the information,

    and if there is anything new, I will keep you updated.

    Thank you.

  • tomitomi Level 1

    I have Manjaro Linux on my UM433DA and same thing here. Actually I think that my laptop stays on when sleep is requested. The screen goes off but I can still see leds on with fn- and power-buttons. When I try to wake the laptop, nothing happens. Sometimes screen flickers, sometimes I can see mouse pointer but thats it, nothing else happens and only way out is to shutdown completely. No change in behaviour even if I change to different kernel versions. Everything else works great.

  • Interesting. The result is not exactly the same since on windows the screen stays black (leds are on, power led usually flickers). However, the fact that the issue is so similar means that this has to be a BIOS issue. I mean not waking up from sleep can't possibly be an operating system-independent hardware problem as far as I can tell and people have reported replacing motherboards in the past to no avail).

    Blake_ASUS, please note this. I think this is a big clue to zoning in on the problem.

  • tomitomi Level 1

    I made some further investigations with Linux and it looks like the current BIOS is blocking S3 sleep mode and therefore Linux kernel forces suspend mode to "s2idle" which is a bad choice anyway and on this laptop it freezes whole system.

    I think also that this has to be a BIOS problem and even more if Windows OS is facing similar issues.

  • Same issue here from day 1. Frequent occurance of the laptop staying in sleep mode when I open it. The only way i can get it to work is if a hold the power button down and then reset it. Also when this happens the laptop gets extremely hot when closed even though nothing is or should be running.). UM433DA- A5016T 14" FHD Ryzen 5 3500U W10. Latest drivers, no virusses, trojans, etc.

    I called ASUS Netherlands in january, but no solution other than sent the laptop to Asus. Can't miss the laptop for a couple of weeks, so I hoped the latest BIOS-update would fix this issue, but sadly it doesn't.

  • tomitomi Level 1

    This is sad to hear. This feature is crucial on laptops and ASUS should pay immediate attention on this! We have 6 laptops in the family and this one is newest and the only one which fails with suspend. Even my oldest Asus laptop suspends without issues (same OS, Manjaro KDE Plasma 20.0.3 with latest 5.7 Linux kernel).

  • Any updates on this issue? @tomi, I'm considering purchasing the UM433DA to run Manjaro on it just like you - are you still finding this problem happens? (Also, as an aside, how does the touchpad number pad handle on Manjaro?)

  • aakkoaakko Level 1
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    I'm also facing this issue with my UM425 using Manjaro linux kernel 5.8.1-3. S3: suspend is disabled by default, but I got around this by creating custom device tree and now suspend to ram woks, but waking up doesn't: When trying to wake up from suspend state leds are lit, cpu does something (I can hear fan starting), but nothing works. So is there any plans to support S3 with these Asus Zenbooks? Seems like S3 support is missing atleast from UM425 and UM433...

  • tomitomi Level 1
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    @curtis.100 No progress here. Actually I got a email earlier from ASUS that they have no support for Linux users. So they don't even bother to investigate this further even though suspend is not working in Windows either. Looks like this is going to be my last Asus...

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