Couldn't reedem 100GB Google Drive space

edited September 2020 in ZenFone 5 Series
Model: ZS620KL
Firmware/APP Version: WW_100.04.44.98_20191115
Frequency of Occurrence: Now
Rooted: No
APP Name: Google Drive

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Hello. Have a problem cuz as i remember we have time to reedem google drive 100gb space to march of 2020. I want to redeem it now but can't.While i try on stock google drive app i getting message "This offer cannot be redeemed because of a system error. Please update Google Drive and try again. 400 (invalid value for ByteString: File does not exist)"

After updating app - there is no offer... even in settings.

What can I do?


  • any help? please
    This offer as i read is avaiable till march 2020
  • Hi domsotv,

    Could you show us the error screenshot?
    Thank you :)
  • I am getting this error also. Could I please get help?
  • Hello, here is the Screenshot I took. Please let me know how I can claim it. Thank you!
  • [at]Jei_ASUS[/at]
    Yes I have exactly the same error like [at]joshtuckwelldm[/at]
    So how can I claim this 100gb?
    Any help?
  • Android 10 it's not working, but if u downgrade it to Android 9 it will work
  • Hi, I also have an issue with this promotion, can not redeem - error 400 on Zenfone 5z. Please help.
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    joshtuckwelldm posted on 2020/1/5 01:41
    I am getting this error also. Could I please get help?
    Hi joshtuckwelldm & domsotv & a03011300a,

    Sorry for our late reply.
    Please clear storage of Google Drive: Settings > Apps & notifications > App info > Google Drive > Storage & cache > Clear Storage

    * Each device can only redeem once.
    * Cannot redeem twice with the same Google account on two devices.

    If users have made sure the device and the Google account haven't redeemed before, and the problem still exists, please send us the following information:

    1. Error message screenshot on Google Drive2. Google Drive app version3. Firmware version: Settings > System > About Phone > Software information/Build number
    Thank you. :)
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