Armoury Crate makes my speakers lag

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System: Windows 7
Battery or AC: AC
Description: Armoury Crate makes my speakers lag
Model: Armoury Crate makes my speakers lag
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: Yes

Hello everyone,I have a weird issue here, it's been a while since I've noticed that my speakers crackle every 10-15 seconds, in checked the latency and saw lots of ping spikes, I tried reinstalling drivers, and a few other solutions I found online but nothing works, until I've noticed that this issue only happens when work time track I turn on the "Silent" mode in Armoury Crate, it almost never happens when other modes like "windows" or "balanced" are selected, also there is generally a lag spike whenever I switch modes-not really a problem but worth mentioning-, has anyone experienced something similar?


  • Hello sebastainsamuel303,
    Please provide accurate model name and Armoury Crate version.
    Thank you.
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