battery drains fast in hibernate mode(close lid)

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Reset OS: No
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Model: ux480fd
Description: battery drains fast in hibernate mode(close lid)
Battery or AC: Battery
System: Windows 10

the same question was asked before here: ( for some unknown reason, the support group decided to answer via a private message to the asker.
I have the exact same problem as mentioned in the link above, and same laptop model. for comparison, my 6 years old thinkpad
can stay in sleep mode(close lid) for a week, and it only has about 40wh battery, while my ux480 has 70wh battery, and after a night with closed lid the battery is empty. I checked the settings, and it's set to sleep when I close the lid...please help


  • Hello benaya7,
    May you provide a screenshot of your
    power options> choose what closing the lid does ?
    May you try to find out more what was happening during the night?
    Was the device waken up, by which program and so on...
    Thank you.
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    when I sleep, my device sleeps as well, so nothing happens at night...:D(not that I know of)
    I attached the screenshot, I hope it helps...
  • Dear all,
    We have been investigating similar cases and found it's related to Microsoft.
    The solution is now in progress with the cooperation from both side.
    Please kindly enter your
    Power Options>Edit Plan Setting>Changed advanced power settings>Sleep>Hibernate After
    Changed both from "180 minutes" to "30 minutes".
    Let me know if any.
    Thank you.
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