Camera does not focus

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Description: Rear camera does not focus at all. It started 3 weeks ago intermitently, the picture coming into focus 60% of the time, after resetting camera settings. Now it does not work at all. The local asus service said that it must be a software problem as the camera module works fine. Please give instructions and fix bug. Thank you.
App Name: Zenfone Pixel Camera
Rooted: No
Frequency of Occurrence: Everytime I try to use the app
Location: Romania
Firmware/App Version: WW_15.0410.1807.75_0
Model: ZE520KL

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  • Same issue in Sweden. ASUS customer services have never heard of the problem before, even if a simple search on the web shows large number of posts about the same problem. From other ASUS customer services they mean that they will change the camera module, regardless of warranty time expired or not. ASUS should issue a generic order to all their services to act accordingly.
  • I totally agree, but of course they don't care about older models. 
  • Today's (2019-12-20) answer from ASUS:
    Currently it is not possible to say that there is an issue with the camera module.

    Haha! I sent them screenshots of this forum, where dussins of people are complaining about the same issue, but ASUS cannot say that there is an issue with the camera modul.
  • Yes, basic denial of responsibility answer...
  • Really, all I want from them is that they investigate my phone free-of-charge, whatever the result (since they deny to have issues with the camera, they will surely arrive to that I have myself caused the fault, and thus they would want to charge me).
  • Having same issue, something on magnetic focus is broken or firmware makes its stopped and so broken. When i use a magnetic close to the lens its works 
  • Can we get back camera module for zenfone 3 ze520kl online which is the best e commerce website for camera
  • Since I have insisted on ASUS admitting that they have a generic camera issue, they refuse to answer totally. So I got rid of the phone and NEVER ANY asus PRODUCT AGAIN! And I put this onto all my social network surface and will advise everybody to forget about asus.
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