Grey lines and green flicker on webcam when using AC power



  • Hello @Leigh ,

    We have confirmed that your model should not be affected,

    so please provide SN in the PM I send you

    together with your BIOS version and video record of the issue.

    Thank you .

  • aiwiecehaiwieceh Level 1

    My work purchased 4 new Zenbook UX392F models 2 months ago and all of them have this issue. We've tried various things to solve the issue but nothing has worked. Please let me know what the next step is. Thank you.

  • Hi there! I am also having the same issue. I have a zenbook UX431F.

  • matekovesmatekoves Level 1
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    I'm having the same problems as mentioned above with a Vivobook S14 S430FN-EB209T that I've JUST BOUGHT TODAY for more than a thousand dollars. Once I unplug the AC the video returns to normal, but it is horrible while charging. As I'm using my laptop all day long is is quite frustrating to be honest. It showed in MS Teams, Messenger video call, Discord video call, Google meets in browser, etc. My windows is up to date, and I updated the bios also (308).

    Any ideas when will be a solution to this problem?


  • eciobosieciobosi Level 1

    Hey guys,

    I'm having the same problem as mentioned above with a Vivobook X512fj-ej228t. I don't have the problem with the camera app (plugged or not to the AC). But I do have the problem when it's plugged to the AC with google meet and cambly (and probably other software). Once I unplug the AC the video returns to normal.

    Hope you guys can find a solution ASAP.

  • Zergius2Zergius2 Level 1

    ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo i9

    New laptop, Zoom, and other apps using webcam - grey lines and green flickering. Everything updated, please provide solution

  • I'm also getting this issue Zenbook Pro Duo i9.... £3000 laptop that cant use a webcam.

  • ClibusClibus Level 1

    I have the same problem on my ZenBook Pro Duo UX581GV @Blake_ASUS. I hope to receive a PM from you so I can send you the information you need.

  • rasputin666rasputin666 Level 1
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    Similar issue with the Zephyrus GX701GX - appalling webcam flicker that renders it unusable but only when connected to AC power supply. I've just updated the BIOS to the latest available (GX701-AS.309) but to no avail.

  • I’m returning my ZenBook Pro Duo UX581GV, It is completely unacceptable for a ‘pro’ computer to not have a working webcam! Especially as my business is so reliant on virtual meetings at the moment. £3000 for a machine you can’t use for meetings... It’s embarrassing

  • Dear all above users,

    all PM have been send.

    Please kindly check. Thank you so much.

  • @Blake_ASUS Hi,

    I haven't received a PM from you. Could you please resend one? I'm having the problem on a Vivobook S14 S430FN-EB209T.

  • Hello matekoves,

    Sorry, I just send it!

    Please check. Thank you.

  • macmanmacman Level 1
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    Hi @Blake_ASUS

    I've just purchased the below and having webcam issues like others on this thread. What can I do?

    ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo UX581 Ultra HD 15.6 Inch 4K Dual-Touchscreen Laptop


  • Hello @dweners ,

    I will send it again.

    Hello @macman,

    PM sent

    Please check.

  • bertalanbertalan Level 1


    I have the same issue with my brand new Asus ZenBook Pro Duo.

    Is the fix ready yet? How can I get it?


  • dwenersdweners Level 1

    That new BIOS fixed the problem! Thank you so much!

  • Hello.

    I have a brand new ASUS Vivobook (Asus VivoBook S 15.6" FHD Core i5-8265U Laptop - Moss Green SKU: S531FL-EJ545R). The in built webcam flickers with grey lines then a green screen every 30 seconds when I'm doing a video call through Zoom. As people here have suggested, it stops when I unplug the power charging cord.

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