Will the TW Asus Zenfone 2 work on Virgin/Bell

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Model: ZE500CL
Firmware/APP Version: -
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Rooted: No
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The Asus Zenfone 2 is available off eBay and i really want to get this phone can someone confirm if the bands below for LTE will work on Bell/Virgin

2100MHz(1)/1900MHz(2)/1800MHz(3)/1700MHz AWS(4)/850MHz(5)/900MHz(8)/700MHz(28)

I think that it is only missing the 2600mhz LTE band. As it seems to have the 1700mhz AWS and upcoming 700mhz. Am i correct here? TIA

And I've got my new iMac Pro up https://whatever-tech.com/best-macbook-pro-mouse-reviews/ and running and it took me all of about 4 minutes working in the edit window with this ridiculous magic mouse for me to throw it at the wall. Now I need a replacement. The stupid Magic Mouse works off of these dumb gestures (with no actual scroll wheel) and every time I grab it my screen pans sideways and scrolls vertically when all I wanted to do was move the pointer. Also, when editing (such as dragging fades) I get to the point I want the fade out to start and lift my finger off the mouse and it continues to drag the fade start point beyond where I want it. Absolutely stupid. I guess if I typed documents in Word for work all day it wouldn't be a problem.

Anyway, what do you guys like to use for editing in Pro Tools? I've had various things in the past (track-balls, multi-button things, etc.) but I'm curious what everyone uses to be the most efficient when editing.

Thanks in advance for all you help with this stupid topic.


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