Asus Tuf FX505DT Trackpad issue

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System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Description: Trackpad is lagging
Model: Asus Tuf FX505DT
Frequency of Occurrence: Sometimes
Reset OS: Yes

I recently bought Asus Tuf FX505DT Ryzen 5/Gtx 1650 variant laptop is amazing screen,keyboard,performance everything is pretty great but the trackpad is terrible i have lag random click when lag and skipping once every 15 mins or so for 3-5sec and then its back to normal. I updated windows, downloaded all drivers from support page and updated them even tried generic drivers for trackpard reset windows multiple times still nothing not able to solve this isssue i can still return the laptop till 7th dec. so my last option is to ask on this fourm if there is any fix for trackpad issue. please help if you know anything i really like this laptop but my use case need a decent working trackpad.

i'll try to make a video of the issue and upload it.

Thank is advance


  • I have the same issue. The touchpad lag and freeze from time to time.
  • Dear both,
    May you try to remove "ASUS FRQ Control"
    in Setting > Apps & Features ?
    Thank you.
  • That solution doesn't work either.

    I still have the problem ... four months already.

    I am quite sure that there is no solution.

    I recommend that you return the seller if you are still on time. If not, the only way to start a claim.
  • Have you tried installing the generic Windows 10 driver for the HID compliant touchpad under Human Interface Devices?
  • tedl564 posted on 2019/12/23 02:13
    Have you tried installing the generic Windows 10 driver for the HID compliant touchpad under Human I ...

    Yes, I have installed it. I have also installed different versions for other models that have been commented on in various forums:
    - Asus Smart Gesture ver4012

    Another thing I've also done:
    - Adjust sensitivity
    - Adjust pointer speed
    - Disable "improve pointer precision"
    - Disable touchpad gestures

    The problem is not configuration, or software ... I've tried everything.
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    jbenitmo posted on 2019/12/23 15:42
    Yes, I have installed it. I have also installed different versions for other models that have been ...
    I also tried changing my windows page file size from a default smaller value to current value of 400Mb Minimum and about 2000Mb Maximum. Setting the minimum to a larger value helped.
  • tedl564 posted on 2019/12/26 00:54
    I also tried changing my windows page file size from a default smaller value to current value of 40 ...

    For my laptop nothing of software configuration will solve this fault.

    Here is the video with the problem in the BIOS menu.

    Here I tell my problem:
  • Hello, on 2019 i have bought a Flagship Premium 2019 Asus TUF FX705GM, and since the first day i noticed the same issue, my touchpad suddenly stops working for a few seconds, and it clicks randomly, and when i make movement with my finger in the touchpad, the pointer moves and stop, moves and stop, moves and stop.

    I updated all drivers, reinstalled windows with hard disk reset, i change for an SSD disk, and im still with this problem, i been several times in touch with ASUS customer service, and they didnt know how to fix this.

    Another thing is that even using an external mouse, i suffer this.

    Anyone could fix this?

  • Helo again, nobody has a solution? I chatted several times with ASUS and they tell me i had to bring my laptop to a service center in the US, but i live in Uruguay so thats impossible for me. Ive been thinking in buying a touchpad replacement and replace it myself, but, that will solve the issue? Its a shame that ASUS has this issue in such an expensive laptop. Im really annoyed about this. Will never buy ASUS again.

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    I had similar issues and found that updating to latest BIOS v310 seems to cure it. This can be downloaded from Asus support.

  • I have FX505GT with similar issues. The latest BIOS available is v305. But that doesn't seem to fix the issue. I have updated all the drivers too.

  • Updating the BIOS seems to have improved the touchpad and the lag and unresponsive has reduced greatly. It does very occasionally lag slightly but seems to be acceptable now. It's definitely a lot better now. By the way I'm not a gamer and I don't have any demanding games or software on it.

  • Many forums say about touchpad grounding issues. Is it like that here too? Any moderator could help us with that.

  • Hello, i still with the same problem, will never buy an ASUS laptop, ASUS doesnt fix the problem, doesnt give me answers how to fix this, and nothing, i spent more than 1000 dollars in a laptop with this problem, i think its unforgivable, i updated the BIOS, updated the drivers, reinstalled the windows, i made everything, super angry with ASUS

  • Okay so after months of trial and error, I found the culprit and its solution. Disable the Asus link Graphics Adapter under display adapters section in device manager. Its an utter useless display adapter which causes the issues while using the onboard vega gfx. Probably you would also notice a smoother mouse cursor experience after disabling that crappy driver. Bundling useless bloatwares with laptops isnt going to help anybody Asus

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    Mine is fx505gt, and only I have two GPUs showing on Device Manager - Intel UHD 630 & Nvidia Geforce GTX1650. Where is link graphics adapter?

  • Yes , i also bought the fx 505 dt on november 2019, from the first week the track pad lags and freezes , more than 3 times i went to the service centre and i was frustrated ,they started to come onsite servicing and they cant solve it till now ,now they have a great reason of lock down , after this lock down ends , i will return this box of crap , or if anyone still don't respond u properly ,please report a complaint about consumer electronics.

  • I just bought a new TUF A15 Gaming TUF506II with rayzen 7 and i'm having the same exact issues. Updated the bios and tried updating all the drivers and still lagging. It's super annoying, laptop otherwise is performing well.

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