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When i put the sim card in this phone it said no service but if i put it on the other phone, it has an excellent line. I have tried many ways to solve it by referred to what people said in the forum and looking at youtube but non of this ways work. I have to connect to the wifi or connect to my friend's hotspot to surf the Internet.

It has been a week since this problem occured. Ive sent it to the asus repair centre and i have to pay for 7$ to check the phone but the problem still cannot be solved. The only ways they said which is to change the motherboard that cost 300+$. The cost is enough for me to buy a new phone and it doesnt make any sense. I am a student and this phone is the only phone i have and i cant afford to paid for the cost.

I hope Asus notice this problem and solve it because i love using this phone.
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