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Model: ZE620KL
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Rooted: No
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Hello, I can not complain because I do not have time lately but the camera of the device is full of errors and very poor quality. You knowingly dropped the camera while the camera was of good quality, and now it's a disgrace.

1. Colors are not realistic: especially green shades looks like crayons, it is not pleasant. Especially skin tone is not realistic at all. He applies a pink effect and completely deteriorates this quality.

2. The camera does not focus:
After the last update, the camera does not focus, even if it does, it looks blurry or shaky after shooting.

3. Front camera should be improved:

Google camera and so on. With the apps you can get great pictures from the front camera, while I get the rezaler image from the phone's own camera. Is your conscience comfortable? I want to ask.

4. Rear camera should be improved:

I'm asking your conscience again. Is he comfortable?
because I can't talk about the quality from the rear camera where I get the best quality images. I'm taking this phone for his camera, and you're intentionally making it worse. When I say correct it, I get no. I don't want to judge your character because it's something that depends on the character. You know your own character.

5. Flash problem on camera:
When I turn on the flash in the camera settings, the flash stays on for a long time and the camera turns off. You receive white light as the image. I want to say that this problem needs to be solved, but I don't expect anything from you anymore.

You deliberately sunk the perfect device. If you're doing this to get your new devices, you're wrong. I can't get a call from a company I'm not happy about. That's why your company fails: you don't satisfy your customers. If it continues this way, you will be at the bottom, you must be. Let the company deliberately distort our happiness. Not to mention Android Q and ZenUI 6. A company that cannot software the camera application should not access the system software if necessary. Don't ruin him. I'll never take your phone again. I talked good about you, but now I'm gonna talk bad about you. You lost a customer. Are you happy?


  • I agree. You are 100% right. Everyone is afraid to express their opinion and support you.
  • Hi Thesemood0,

    We're sorry to hear about this unpleasant experience.
    We will check with relevant teams about your feedback and suggestions.
    Thank you.
  • absolutely right friend, you broke it when zenfone 5 was beautiful and you did it to sell new device but i will never use asus and recommend it to my environment correct it also we are definitely waiting for Android Q update as a user of zenfone 5
  • Hi Thesemood0,

    Please provide your firmware version: Settings > System > About Phone > Software information
    Could you show us original photos that illustrates these problems?

    For skintone applies a pink effect, please try viewing the file on other monitors or devices and check if the problem also exists on other devices.
    If it only exists on ZE620KL, you may go to settings > splendid and adjust the color.

    Please tell us the camera focus whether it is the rear camera or front camera.
    Does the focus problem appear in third party apps as well?

    For flash problem, please tell us more about "the camear turns off". Do you mean after you tap the shutter with the flash on, the camera crashes?

    Thank you for your help :)
  • All the problems you listed existed way back in ZF3 and it was never corrected. Asus just don't care after they took your money. I had been warning anyone that ask me for advice to not buy any Asus products, not just phones. You should do the same too, also leave negative feedbacks on any reviews, forums, etc you come across.
  • Jei_ASUS posted on 2019/11/15 12:15
    Hi Thesemood0,

    Please provide your firmware version: Settings > System > About Phone > Software inf ...

    Issue 1: I have sent photos.

    Problem 2: The problem persists on different devices. Please don't pretend you don't deny it. We both know that you deliberately made the camera worse. Instead of dealing with the problem, we try to solve it like you do.

    Problem 3: The old OIS system does not work on the Front Camera and Rear camera. Although we still don't shake the camera, it doesn't get a steady image. Some versions of Google Cameras do not show this problem.

    4. Problem: When you want to shoot a subject in the dark, the flash stays on for a long time, turns on the photo light, and fires. The photo shows a yellow, exploded light.

    Problem 5: The battery runs out too quickly. Please also bring an update. We want the old version of our phone.
  • Thesemood0 posted on 2019/11/15 18:42
    Issue 1: I have sent photos.

    Problem 2: The problem persists on different devices. Please don't p ...

    Hi Thesemood0,

    Thanks for your reply.

    1. By previous photos are you referring to these?
    Do you want to report that all the photos have the problem of "Colors are not realistic: especially green shades looks like crayons, it is not pleasant."?

    2. Could you show us a photo of the problem of cannot focus?
    Is it appearing on rear camera of front camera? Does it appear on third party apps?
    Does it happen every time or in specific settings or environment?

    3. What are your camera settings when you feel like the OIS is not working?
    If possible, please show us an original photo of this problem.
    Please also provide us the information as below:
    Rear/front camera, the ambient brightness, which camera mode, what camera settings( Screenshot the preview before you take the picture. Also, access the camera settings by tapping the upper right three dots and screenshot this page.)

    4. Could you also help us provide original photos of this problem?

    5. Do you feel like battery drain after using the phone or in stand by without using it?

    If you feel like the battery drains during using specific apps, we would suggest you test how much the app drains after using it for a certain time.
    We would suggest you clear the background apps, and check how much battery is consumed from 100% after using the app for a certain time (e.g. 30 mins or 1 hour.)
    Please show me a screenshot of the battery usage after testing.
    Settings > Battery > Three dots on top right > Battery usage.

    If there are battery drain issues in sleep mode,
    in order for us to verify, please kindly follow the steps below and show us the screenshots.
    1) Charge the phone to 100% before going to bed > remove the charger > Clear all apps in recent app list > turn off screen > the next morning before using the phone, please screenshot the two pages:
    a) Settings > Battery
    b) Settings > Battery > ""Advanced battery usage"" (tap the battery icon to access)

    2) Tell me the battery variation: for example 23:00 (100%) > 08:00 (90%)

    Thank you :)
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