Touchscreen defect in a line on itself. No drop no damage.

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Model: ZS600KL
Firmware/APP Version: -
Frequency of Occurrence: -
Rooted: No
APP Name: none

While I was playing game, ghost touch appeared (random clicking on screen). After restarting the phone, there was a line which cant be detected on the screen. Quickly sent my phone to the shop where I bought. They said it could be overheat that caused this problem, and actually it did. The phone itself somehow always at 40+ degree celcius, gpu and cpu always running at 45-50+. In X mode it can go higher to 55+.. At first I never doubt about it, but then my friend bought the phone, and his was running at 30+ degree celcius.
Excuse me, so what is the reason i bought this ROG phone? Not because of you cooling system then what else will do? Only bought less than 4 months. I never dropped once, 0 damage too.

In this situation, am I able to request for a new phone ? I afraid the service center never found out my overheat problem and they only replace a new touchscreen, which the same problem may occure again after few months...

One more thing, is this situation under warranty? Cuz I never done any damage to the phone and the touchscreen detection just spoilt on itself and also the phone always in overheat. SOrry for my English, hope you guys can read that.


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