Never again.

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This is the worst phone I've ever had.
Its unbelievable, from poor construction to even worse support, this phone has been hell to me, and by the looks of this forum, many, many others

I live in Australia, where (at the time of purchasing) the rog phone is not available
But when the phone was released I fell in love.
The specs, the look, the potential functionality, and even better, it was made by Asus!
Over the years I've always bought Asus, I have bought 2 Asus laptops, my computer, and my past 3 computers have all had Asus motherboards, and in most cases Asus branded GPUs. If asked me advice on what part/pc/laptop to buy I would always suggest Asus.
So Internally I decided I would do whatever it takes to get this phone.

So I eventually got the phone, after parting ways with $1400 AUD ($950 US)
And for 2 weeks it was bliss! then the phone fell from my bed onto a carpet floor and the screen stopped displaying...
Phones are fragile, fair enough, and the case I had was that garbage TPU $10 one

I Contacted Asus to see what they could do, and they told me pretty bluntly that since the phone isn't sold in Australia there's nothing they can do. Again, fair enough I bought a phone outside of Australia, so that's the risk I took.
So I sourced a OEM screen & digitizer assembly, and a decent wallet type phone case, and several tempered glass protectors
About 2 weeks after fixing the phone, the phone again suffers a fall from my pocket, and blacks out the screen
Okay, I should be more careful, with this thing, but I've had phones that have fallen out of cars at speed, and still worked

Moving on, I fixed it again, but yep on queue, about 2 weeks later, tapping my phone to turn off the alarm in the morning was enough to kill the screen

I'm done with this thing, it's just been a sad, and highly expensive experience for me, and that's not even getting into the lack of software updates that everyone is suffering from.

I won't ever buy Asus again.
I will actively tell anyone I see not to buy Asus.
I'm really, really disappointed with Asus .


  • This is my story too. But I haven't dropped my phone. It works with the buggy OS. Given up on Asus. Been a ROG user since 10 years and will never ever buy any Asus products. Recently opened a gaming cafe with Gigabyte Aorus products.

  • Lol, this is terrible story.

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