Video Recording: Is the bass sound problem resolved?

Frequency of Occurrence: Bass-heavy video recording
Rooted: No
APP Name:
Firmware/APP Version: OPM1.171019.011.WW_Phone-15.2016.1907.519-0
ZF Model: ZC554KL

Okay, so I haven't actually tried to record again because the last time I noticed this was May 04, 2019 when I last went to a concert. So my current firmware is probably not the same as what it was before. I'm going on another concert this October so I'm worried that I'll face the same problem.

It can record normal sound but when bass-heavy music started, that's when it didn't do well. When I played back all of my recordings, the bass was just cracking and you can no longer hear anything other than that. The footage that I have went to waste because of it.

Has this been fixed? I was actually debating on buying a new phone but Zenfone 6 still hasn't been released in the Philippines yet.


  • Hi joan.paulagarcia

    We are sorry to hear that you are having this issue.
    Please provide any videos available that would show this matter. It would be very helpful for us to confirm this problem.
    Thank you for your feedback and have a nice day
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