Asus zenfone 4 selfie pro

ZF Model: ZE554KL
Firmware/APP Version: V71.50.395.99
Frequency of Occurrence: idk
Rooted: No
APP Name:

my 4 selfie pro cant connect to 4g lte i used sim card like "talk and text" here in philippines how to fix this?


  • Hi johnleovillasis,

    Did this problem appear after firmware update? If yes, please tell us which firmware update.

    We would suggest that you try:

    (1.) Settings > Network & internet > SIM card> Disable and enable the SIM card
    (2.) Settings> Network & internet > Mobile network > Preferred network type> choose "2G/3G/4G" again.
    (3.) Power off your phone > reinsert sim card > turn on the phone
    (4.) Turn on airplane mode > wait for 3 seconds > then turn it off.
    (5.) Try using another sim card by a different operator
    (6.) Try resetting the network settings: Settings > System > Reset options > Reset WiFi, mobile & Bluetooth)

    If the problem still appears:
    Please check your APN type:
    Settings > Connections > Mobile network > Access Point Names > tap three dots on top right > Reset to default.
    Settings > Connections > Mobile network > Access Point Names > tap the APN that has a dot beside it to access "Edit access point" > Screenshot this page and contain the "APN type".

    Thank you :)
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