Asus Vivobook not entering hybernation while in sleep mode

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System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: Battery
Description: New laptop drains battery, wakes up from sleep
Model: Asus Vivobook F712F
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: No

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My new Asus Vivobook F712F has a problem. When working on battery, the Vivobook enters sleepmode after 15 minutes, Then after 60 minutes (or whatever number of minutes I choose) the Vivobook should enter hybernation. Unfortunately the Vivobook wakes up, does noyt enter hybernation stays idle for 15 minutes and enters sleep mode agian. This happens all nihgt (or day) long which drains my battery.

I have tried many things to fix this but none of them worked. The windows event log does not show items from which I can tell they are the cause.

I need help with this, I am not happy with my new Vivobook at the moment.

Attached you will find my windows system event log

Attachment not found.


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