Asus Zenphone 3 back camera does not focus - Free camera replace or not?

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Model: ZE552KL
Firmware/App Version: WW_15.0410.1807.75_0
Frequency of Occurrence:
Rooted: No
App Name:
Description: The rear camera does not focus. Will be replaced by Asus for free, regardless of warranty status?


I have an Asus Zenphone 3 ZE552KL (ASUS_Z012DA) and the rear camera does not focus.

I have already contacted Asus Romania related to this issue since July 15, 2019 hoping that Asus will replace the camera for free, regardless of its warranty status, as I understood from this post ( They have responded very fast and they were very polite, but they seem doesn't know about this Asus decision regarding Zenfone 3 camera issue, so they have asked their superiour department in order to have an answer or a kind of approval to change the camera for free. Unfortunately, I haven't received an answer from them (maybe they didn't received an answer from their superiour department?).

I want to mention that the warranty period was expired, and that the phone was bought from a company that looks legit, but it seems that it is not an agreed Asus distributor in Romania.

Will I benefit in this case of free camera replace by Asus?

Or should I change the camera using my own money?



  • Hi catalinm

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention and we do apologize for the poor experience and we'll do our best to assist.Could you send us a private message with your serial number,phone and name, please.

    Thank you:)
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