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I post a thread about 3 month ago about high temperature at powermaster at my ROG phone and Asus recommend me to go at service center. So i delivery my phone to Singapore while i live on Indonesia, and diagnose my phone battery defect. And i must wait it about 2+ month to change the battery. After finish service and try the phone. GOD the notification still popup! The temperature still up and down significantly at powermaster. But my phone not heat at all. Can you figure it out what's Going on? I cant send my phone to Singapore again to complain.


  • Look on the for an asus app called Mobile Manager.
    Run its cleanup funtion, then select cache files ( it is selected by default) and press remove button. 
    See if it helps.
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    Hi arieagustian.arvia,

    Is the notification the same as the previous one?
    We would suggest that you:
    1) Clear cache & storage of " Power Master" and "Mobile Manager".
    Settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps > tap the upper-right three dots > Show system > Power Master/ Mobile Manager > Storage & memory > Clear cache & storage.

    2) Try a factory reset.

    If the notification still appears, please tell us your firmware version, and when the notification appears.

    Thank you :)
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