Screenpad black screen

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System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Description: Screenpad blacked out after weeks of working normally
Model: UX480FD
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: No

Help my laptop UX480FD's screen pad just shows black screen, it's on but not displaying anything, reinstalled ASUS screenpad toolbar and its at the latest version, didn't help


  • After windows 10 update in brand new ASUS ZenBook Pro 14 UX480FD exact same problem here. Screen pad goes black when switched to extended screen mode. It might work sometimes but mostly it doesn't. Also touch screen is not even recognized by device manager. That's not accepatable for a brand new laptop
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    Hello chuaaronjeremy & kon.hatz ,
    Please kindly uninstall all the screenpad related drivers,
    and reinstall them by order below:
    1.Asus ScreenPad Display Driver
    2.ASUS Precision Touchpad (ScreenPad)
    3.Screenpad toolbar

    If the problem persist, please provide the Windows, BIOS ,drivers and toolbar version.
    Thank you for messaging us.
    Have a nice day.
  • KarregKarreg Level 1


    I have the exact same issue on my UX480FD

    From a new installation, the extension screen was working fine. But after I have installed the Asus drivers, the extension screen is black.

    How do you uninstall all the screenpad related drivers exactly?

    I'm not even sure the drivers are correctly installed, all we can find on Asus page are zip with CMD files and readme files that are not corrects. The CMD file output is not usable (only 0 and 1, without any explanation, and some "information not found" messages) and we don't even know which device is connected to the driver...

    These drivers are the worst packaged drivers I've seen.

  • Hello Karreg,

    May I know which region website did you use to download drivers?

    From our global one and my located region, drivers are fine

    Please kindly provide screenshot.

    And for how to uninstall and install driver , please refer to below FAQ

    Just a small tip, please use 7-Zip, WinRAR or other 3rd party extract tool instead of Microsoft built-in one.

    Thank you.

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