Full screen caller ID

lajtoyalajtoya Level 1
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 5 Series
Model: ZE620KL
Firmware/APP Version: 60150032 /
Frequency of Occurrence: After recent Pie update
Rooted: Yes
APP Name: Contacts

After recent Pie update for 5Q, model ASUS_X017DA , I no longer have the option to make contact pictures display as full screen. The pictures set up for full screen with Android 7, still display full screen. I would like to have the option with Android 9. Please help. Thanks!


  • Hi lajtoya,

    Could you tell us where your contact is saved in? (Device/SIM/Google)
    We just tested contacts saved in "device" and "Google", and we're seeing that the full-screen photo can be displayed successfully.
    (Contacts saved in SIM are unable to set a profile picture.)

    Thank you :)
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