Screen do not rotate in some application (lockscreen, startscreen, calling, etc)

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Model: ZS680KL(Ultra)
Firmware/App Version: NRD90M.14.1010.1804.75-20180612
Location: Romania
Frequency of Occurrence: Every time
Rooted: No
App Name: ZEN UI launcher
Description: How can I make to rotate the screen like on a tablet, I use these phablet often in my car, so when I use it like GPS and somebody call me, I must rotate my neck to see the name. Also, if I want to call somebody and I make a search on contacts list I must rotate my head and so on. Thank you.


  • Hi danutotregun

    Good day
    Do you mean your phone can't auto-rotate?
    Is there any specific app or it happen everytime?

    Please help to confirm, thank you:)
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