Latency Lag, lost packets

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Model: ZE552KL
Firmware/App Version: 8.0.0
Frequency of Occurrence: Ever
Rooted: No
App Name: Mobile Legends
Description: when playng games latency is the most important.

I use the phone to play games.
And asus got a problem with stable connections. I like the Asus but... i'm very sad with the problem....

The game need a good connection with low MS ping.
eventualy (4g or wifi) the celphone lost packets.. and i got lagging at games... that is very very sad.
i can record a video if you want...

I already reset factory my fone and the problem continues.. and my friends play with me, and don't have this lag... so, the problem is the phone.


  • Hi toguro2004

    We are sorry to hear that you are having this issue.
    Please kindly provide me your phone’s firmware version and the version of Mobile Legends
    Also, please provide any videos available that would show this matter.

    Please help to confirm, thank you:)
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