BBC radio app gets stopped after aprox 30 mins

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Model: ZE620KL
Firmware/APP Version: Latest
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Rooted: No
APP Name:

BBC radio app stops running in the background after a while usually about 30 minutes or so. Restarts when I open the phone again. I can't figure out how to stop the OS clobering the process.
Some battery saving feature hidden somewhere?


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    Hi aegdawson,

    Good day.
    Did you wipe out the app separately from the recent app list before you encounter this problem?
    Please try to click the mobile manager -> memory cleaner -> super clean mode ->Change these apps that are in the list of "Super Clean mode" into "Standard Clean mode".
    (1.) Toggle on the "On" option on the top of the Super clean mode page first. The default setting of this option is “close”
    (2.) Turn off below apps in the list which you prefer to keep running in the background

    Thank you.

    What is Super Clean mode? How to use it?
    Super Clean mode is a power saving function that force stop apps when you swipe them away in recent tasks view. This forces the apps to stop running, and solve the power consumption issue, created by 3rd party apps.

    Super Clean mode is off by default. To turn it on:
    1. Go to Settings > Mobile Manager > tap Memory Cleaner
    2. Once the scanning is finished, you will find “Turn on Super Clean mode” under “Suggested optimization”, and tap Set up.
    3. In the Super Clean mode interface, toggle the first button to turn this function on.

    After you’ve turned on Super Clean mode, Apply to “clear all” and Apply to swipe up on a single app will be turned on as well. These are the 2 gestures you can use to super clean apps.

    Apply to “clear all” means that when you tap “clear all” in recent tasks view, all the apps that you are using will be cleared and forced stop.

    Apply to swipe up on a single app means that when you swipe away an app individually in recent tasks view, only that app will be cleared and forced stop. This gives you more control and prevents you from force stopping apps you are using when you accidentally tap “clear all”.

    You can also customize Super Clean mode so that apps that you use frequently not to be super cleaned. After you’ve turned on Super Clean mode, all your apps by default are enabled to be super cleaned. Scroll down the Super Clean the following apps’ list and find the apps you want. Then toggle to turn off Super Clean mode for these apps. Apps that have been turned off will appear further down the page under Standard Clean the following apps.
  • Hi aegdawson,

    If this problem still appears after checking the instructions as above, please tell me which BBC radio app do you use and version of the app.

    Thank you.
  • Hi,
    Thanks for you prompt reply. Super clean mode is always been off and still is.
    The problem with the app being stopped has always been there even before the latest update.
    I'll attach the version of app in question.
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    Hi aegdawson,

    Good day.
    Did you retain this app in the recent app list when you encounter this problem?
    There's a new firmware is available these days, I would suggest can update the firmware to the latest WW-16.0615.1905.102 for a check. Thank you.
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