Multiple Skype contacts & can't invoke Skype app

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Model: ZS600KL
Firmware/APP Version: 15.1630.1903.89/
Frequency of Occurrence: every time
Rooted: No
APP Name: Skype and Contacts

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Hi there,
I have multiple problems with Skype app on my ROG phone.1. There are many duplicate contacts of the same contact despite that sync put to ON or OFF in Skype settings. That contact on the screenshot has just one mobile phone number in profile and all the duplicates refer to that one number.Attachment not found.

2. If a contact has the Skype field filled in with his/her nickname and I tap on it in the contact details screen the Contacts app says "The phone doesn't havean app for this action"Attachment not found.

3. In the Contacts filter settings I can see only 10 contacts but Skype itself has around 100.Attachment not found.

4. I can't link any Skype contact to the phone's contact. When I tap on contact's details and tap ‘Link’ in the menu I can't find any Skype contact except the duplicates from the issue 1.Attachment not found.

I’d like to see there a Skype contact with Skype nickname and bind that Skype contact to the phone’s contact and be able to call/write to that contact from the phone’s contact details like I do with WhatsApp and email addresses. How can I do this?
5. HTC10 with Android 8 and the same Skype version doesn't have all those issues…


  • Is it possible to get any help here from the ASUS support team?
  • temp_for_x posted on 2019/6/13 16:09
    Is it possible to get any help here from the ASUS support team?

    Hi temp_for_x,

    Could you tell me your Contacts & Skype app version?
    1. Could you try "de-duplicate contacts"?
    Contacts > Settings > Contacts > Manage contacts > De-duplicate contacts
    Sync on or off --> Do you mean Skype app info > Permission > Contacts?
    If the problem still appears, could you recall how these Skype duplicated contacts appeared?

    2. Did you tap "add file" and added the Skype file?
    Please help us confirm the steps of this issue.

    3. We will check on this issue.

    4. Could you try "de-duplicate contacts"? Are the contacts that show "Skype" able to be linked?

    Thank you :)
  • Hi Jei,

    I installed Skype lite and it solved the problem.
    I tried Skype Preview but it also duplicate contacts.
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