Twinview Dock too hot.

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after few mins i use it.
the screen its too hot.


  • That would depends on a lot of factors, electronics are usually expected to heat up, up to a certain threshold. Since I'm living in a tropical country, the room temperature here is hot so the dock can't dissipate the heat fast enough and it heats up, try to see if you are also running graphic intensive games and is charging at the same time. Try to see if different apps/games affects the screen heating, some apps/games aren't optimized enough and uses more power heating up your phone faster.
  • Hi chrisonthemix09,

    Does the phone screen become hot or the TwinView screen? Which area becomes hot?
    Are you charging at the same time while using?
    Does it happen during any specific game or app? How long of use?
    Thank you :)
  • Hi.. My hp also become hot when using twinview. Not the screen but my handphone. At the top area. Camera area.. Look like the fan cannot cool it down.

  • Try to give it rest, it helped me.

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