Not Receiving calls if 4g only why? and many more

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ZF Model: ZB570TL
Firmware/APP Version: latest
Frequency of Occurrence: latesr
Rooted: No
APP Name: Sim Card

Oh common asus please fix this problem so many encounter problem..

1. Sim Card when i opened 4g then i try to call your unit if 4g only not received any calls or not call other please fix it 4g is 4g why i change my settings to 4g/3g/2g why not supported 4g only?

2. Speaker problem why broken sound even facebook notification some broken sound

3. Auto Restart? when i open one apps.. hang then restart?

4. dots dots in Camera blurred when i shot like this? example cam? and also no update about slow mo in asus zenfoneax plus please input it like in other unit.. even no difference HDR or Not HDR and also focus when i shoot the object so blurred

5. Heating unit oh comon since i buy this heat not normally other unit

6. While Charging error late Charging timeline 6 hours or 5 hours charging time Please fix Power master

at the end Maybe i buy new unit im not try or take a risk your disappointed wasting money wasting 11,995 wasting frustrate


  • For 4g calls only available if ur service provider got 4g lte coverage at the area u r trying to call or receive calls
  • Hi campos.jemuel0788

    1. For 4G calls, the preferred network type would depend on your location and service provider.Please help to check again.

    2. Does it happen when you play music or use different apps?

    3.We have already reported this issue back to our tech team.We will get back to you if there is anything coming up.

    4. Please provide some original pictures at different environment for confirming.
    There is no plan to support slow-motion currently.Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

    5. It's normal when CPU and system running continuously cause phone temperature to be slightly hot. Please help to check the heating place.

    6. Do you mean the phone takes too much time for charging?

    We sincerely apologize for the problem and any inconvenience.
  • 1. no i try to find to fix it about not received calls i cant find then i my sim is not expired or what i can messages but im not received or call others? 

    2. mostly when i notified my apps especially facebook and also sometime i encounter while playing music

    3. yup so hard to focus the object complicated  when i used High definition there is no difference about normal and Super a resolution even HDR a okay slow motion 

    5. I observed other unit and brand so big different about CPU and system running maybe your Mediatek processor caused of heating then remove that x2 battery lifespan because not effective there a case about x2 battery lifespan more charging time unlike in deactive x2. 

    6. yup much charging time... 

    7. about your newly update for our unit why cant play m4a music format? can i find about playing music format? because before updating can play m4a format then after update? cant play please fix it..
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    campos.jemuel0788 posted on 2019/5/27 17:41
    1. no i try to find to fix it about not received calls i cant find then i my sim is not expired or w ...
    Hi campos.jemuel0788

    1. Please select "2G/3G/4G" option in preferred network type. Does this problem appear when you in different location?

    2. Could you provide any available record that would show this matter? Which notification sound do you choose?

    4.Sorry,we're afraid we may need information on your problem. Please provide some original pictures at different environment for confirming.

    6. How long did it take to charge from 40% to 100%? Please try to use another cable for a check.

    7. Did you place the music in internal storage or SD card? Is thereany error message pop on when you encounter this problem? If yes,please kindly show me your screenshot

    Please check the message in box, thank you:)
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