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ZF Model: ZB570TL
Firmware/APP Version: SH1Tware
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Rooted: No
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I had notification about newest update firmware of ZFMP M1. The update size is about 1.7GB.
I think all of bugs are fixed, BUT the reality is only:

1.Update google security patch 2019/5
2.Improve SD card supports EXFAT NTFS

How about all bugs, errors, and system issue ?? Are u kidding ASUS? 1.6GB only for this sh1tty patches.
i think, all programmer of ZFMP M1 is lost their brain and need to EAT this phone (no matter fried, baked, or eat it directly) and digest it slowly, so they know what is the major Bugs and error of this phone.


  • at first i was so happy finally 9.0 Pie came, bcoz the file is 1.7GB , but updated & it is still 8.1 , cannot believe Asus need such a big volume file just to update security patch & sd card supports.

    my 15 mins test :

    i dont see any feel any better in performance, still laggy
    the camera version is newer with newer interface

    thats it ,

    why 1.7GB ? i think it is something to do with laziness.. too lazy to split the patches but just roll out the entire rom...

    with this kind of attitude, Andriod Pie will be just a dream that will never come true...
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